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belated merry christmas, everybody. happy holidaysssss

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Léon and Mathilda 

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For the Anon who is not my friend RR and wants music—

Hello, sir or madam, not completely sure you should be asking me for music recommendations, but seeing as how you already did, here I go. I reckon I don’t know you in real life because then you’d probably know how sabog my taste in music is… I hope you don’t mind. Lol. Here are the current auditory float-my-boat’s in my playlist:

  1. Creature Fear - Bon Iver from the album For Emma, Forever Ago. Just the entire album, actually. Every song is a gem.
  2. The Streets - Avalanche City from Our New Life Above the Ground. I haven’t listened to the whole record yet, but judging from how the two songs I have heard are ones I am well above moderately impressed with, I’d say the full album is a safe bet.
  3. Rootless Tree - Damien Rice from 9 because a friend asked me to listen to it and I can’t seem to stop obeying.
  4. Islands and Apartment - Young the Giant from the self-titled album. Both really good songs, although Apartment is more LSS-inducing, IMO.
  5. Be Still and Rainy Zurich - The Fray from Scars and Stories. Ahuhu these songs. I really like this band, their earlier songs are pretty good, too. Vienna is my favorite.
  6. Minnesota, WI and Holocene - Bon Iver. Because I’ve been dwelling on Bon Iver too much in the last few weeks but meh. They have that effect on you, I suppose.
  7. Underneath the Sycamore - Death Cab for Cutie from Codes and Keys.  
  8. Sugarcoats and Heartbeats - Up Dharma Down from Bipolar. Almost forgot how beautiful this is.
  9. I Would Do Anything For You - Foster the People from Torches. Haha this came on my player earlier and I was publicly enjoying it in a mall. It’s the only one I like from the album, lol.
  10. Sink/Let It Sway - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin from Let It Sway.
  11. Neutral Ground - Sea Wolf from Leaves in the River.
  12. D.2. Boyfriend - The Moldy Peaches from Moldy Peaches. Some of the lines in this song. Haha.

Sorry this is a weird mix/playlist. If you could call it that. My good, solid pillars: The Foo Fighters, Phoenix, Arctic Monkeys, Anberlin (lol), Panic! At The Disco (listen to The Young Veins by default lol), Copeland, The Hush Sound, Two Door Cinema Club, Stars… and a bunch of other bands I can’t think of now (pressure haha) and most of the bands listed above. Some solo artists are really good, too. For instance, I have been listening to John Legend, Ingrid Michaelson, Kimbra, and also some Rachael Yamagata lately. 

If you don’t find this post sufficient, I’d like to offer these:



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New Trailer: The Amazing Spider-ManHitfix






Slow down Katniss by 25% and what do you get? Will Ferrell.

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Neurotic Otter and Anxiety Cat = Spirit Animals

You see, she changed the ‘U’ into a ‘W’.

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Foo Fighters - Walk

You hear a song and decide to keep it in storage somewhere between this morning’s McDonald’s commercial jingle and the last catchy detergent advertisement… then months later, you just realize how gut-wrenchingly beautiful it is that you spend hours on end listening to it. Just the one song.

This is how it’s been for me tonight with this song. I don’t know what got into me. But I listen to it, and I can’t stop.

Mud Fair 2012!

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